Red Origins


Hey everyone! So I’ve been working freelance on this project doing background painting and also cleanup and color on the animation!

It’s a really cool concept and story with really neat designs, all from African mythology and hardly ever touched before by animation, so I’d love to see this take off!

We’ve finally started up a kickstarter to gain funds, so if you could take a look and then donate and/or signal boost, we’d really appreciate it! Thanks!


Possibly my favorite photoset ever. 




This was the year when I was brave enough to upload a full figure picture of myself

this was the year I was brave enough to photograph myself nude

this was the year I got my first tattoo, three tattoos

the year I pierced my bellybutton after always thinking that only skinny people got their bellybutton pierced

the year I blogged and didn’t delete my blog

the year I cut my hair short

the year I found out what I wanted to do

this was the year I left the nest

the year only self-harmed twice

the year I found out how loved I am

oh gosh <3__<3


First part

It’s hard to draw “You broke my heart you dick” expression